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Smartstarter Kit

Smartstarter Kit

World's First Baby Monitor Sleeping Bag

  • The award-winning SmartSnugg tracks the most important indicators of your baby’s well-being so while they rest easy, you can too.
  • Monitor your baby’s movement, sleeping position and temperature remotely. 
  • Create the ideal sleeping environment for your baby.
  • Receive alerts if your baby rolls onto their side or their tummy. 
  • Receive alerts when your baby’s sleeping temperature is too high or too low.

Includes 1x SmartPebble, 1x SmartSnugg and 1x SmartBridge.

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What's Included

  • 1 SmartPebble
  • 1 SmartSleeper
  • 1 SmartBridge

Size Guide

SmartSnugg 30 Degree - Baby Clothing Recommendation Chart
SmartSnugg 32 Degree- Baby Clothing Recommendation Table
SmartSnugg 34 Degrees - Baby Clothing Recommendation Table


TOG Explained

A TOG rating is a way of measuring the thermal properties of a garment. A high TOG rating indicates that the garment will be better at retaining heat. For example, a thin cotton sheet might be 0.2 TOG and a thick doona might be 3.5 TOG.

Predicted Thermal Increase:
0.5 TOG SmartSleeper +3°C
1 TOG SmartSleeper +5°C
2.5 TOG SmartSleeper +10°C

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  • 1. SmartPebble

    The SmartPebble monitor’s your child’s sleeping temperature, sleeping position and movement levels.

  • 2. Smartsleeper

    The SmartSleeper bags are made from super soft cotton and bamboo lining and are the world’s first monitoring sleeping bag. The pebble is placed inside of the SmartSleeper and monitors your baby without skin contact.

  • 3. SmartBridge

    The SmartBridge securely sends information from the SmartPebble to your phone and monitors room temperature so that you can give your baby a safe and comfortable sleeping environment at all times. It also acts as a nightlight which you can adjust, making it easy to enter your baby’s room without waking them up! 

  • 4. SmartSnugg App

    The SmartSnugg App provides tailored data directly to your smartphone, allowing for personalised alert settings and the ability to override the "mute" function to ensure you never miss vital notifications.

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  • Experience the Next Level of Baby Monitoring with SmartSnugg

    This isn't just any baby monitor; it's like having a guardian angel watching over your little one. With SmartSnugg, you're not just observing; you're being informed about your baby's temperature, movement, and position, ensuring they have the best sleep ever.

  • Custom Alerts, Privacy-First Design for Ultimate Peace of Mind

    SmartSnugg offers a comprehensive solution that respects your baby's privacy while keeping you informed. We understand the hesitation – the fear of tech complexity and the concern over constant alerts. SmartSnugg's design emphasises simplicity and customization of notifications to suit your preferences, ensuring peace of mind without the overwhelm.

  • Connect, Monitor, and Relax with Our Smart Baby Monitoring System

    Imagine a device that doesn't just show you your baby but tells you how they're doing. That's what SmartSnugg offers. It connects to your smartphone and keeps you updated in real-time about your baby's well-being, reducing your worries and letting you catch some much-needed sleep.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you’re not completely satisfied with your new SmartSnugg monitor, you can return it for a full refund within the first 30 days - no questions asked. 

12-Month Warranty

12-Month Warranty: We’re so confident in the quality of the SmartSnugg, we back every product with a 12-month warranty. If your SmartSnugg doesn’t operate as it should or is defective at any time within the first 12 months, contact us immediately for a replacement or a refund. 

Peace Of Mind Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll experience complete peace of mind knowing your precious little one is sleeping comfortably, in the correct position and at an optimum temperature. In fact, our research indicates that using the SmartSnugg could mean an extra 1 or 2 hours of sleep for your baby every night!

Parents Love SmartSnugg

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is your data?

Temperature readings in the SmartPebble and SmartBridge are accurate to within +/- 1 degree. There may be a period of adjustment at the beginning of a sleep session whilst the thermocouple adjusts to the ambient temperature within the SmartSleeper. If there is a very large temperature difference, this can take a little while so we recommend that you avoid leaving the SmartPebble in hot or cold areas between sleep sessions.

Can the SmartPebble be removed from the SmartSleeper by my child?

It is very unlikely. The SmartPebble is enclosed within a pouch which is itself zipped into the SmartSleeper. Even an older child would find it difficult to remove the SmartPebble.

Are the SmartSleepers and SmartBlankets safe to wash?

Yes, both can be machine washed. We recommend washing them on a gentle cycle and drying them in the shade to extend their life.

Are the materials used in the SmartSleeper and SmartBlanket safe?

We use only the highest quality materials and these have been tested to ensure that they are free from harmful chemicals.

Is the radiofrequency emission from the SmartPebble safe?

The SmartPebble uses a very low level of radio frequency energy to communicate with the SmartBridge. This level is well within international safety standards for electronic devices.

What is a TOG rating?

A TOG rating is a way of measuring the thermal properties of a garment. A high TOG rating indicates that the garment will be better at retaining heat. For example, a thin cotton sheet might be 0.2 TOG and a thick doona might be 3.5 TOG.

What safety standards do you adhere to?

We have made every effort to ensure that the product is safe and have designed it in accordance with the Australian/New Zealand and European safety standards. If you would like more information on this, please contact us directly.

Is there any risk of the SmartPebble overheating?

No, the SmartPebble does not produce any heat itself. It is a passive device that simply monitors temperature and movement.

Do I have to leave the app screen open to get alerts and notifications?

You do not. You can use your phone as you would normally and if there is an alert or notification, you will receive both visual and audible notifications.

How many different alerts and notifications are there in the app?

There are alerts for ‘too hot’, ‘too cold’, ‘position’, ‘temperature differential’, and ‘offline’. You can turn one or all of these off. You can also decide whether to receive alerts and/or notifications in relation to each of these. The position alerts and notifications give you information on whether your child is on their tummy, left side, or right side. You can turn any of these on or off, or just receive notifications.

If my phone is on silent or I miss an alarm for some reason, what will happen?

The app is able to override your settings to send you the alarm. If for some reason you miss the alarm, you will receive an automated phone call from SmartSnugg. You can select how long after the missed alarm you receive the phone call.

Does the SmartSnugg Monitoring App work on both IOS and Android?

Currently, the SmartSnugg App is only available on Apple IOS devices. 

Unfortunately due to Google's recent Android user updates, our previously functioning Android App has experienced an error on connecting that we are investigating and rectifying. Until corrected, we can only support Apple clients at this stage. 

We are committed to relaunching our Android App as soon as we can.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Cat Matthews
Incredible - total game changer.

I wish I had this with my first two children. Such a game changer. No longer having to stress all night whether my daughter is too hot or too cold has really improved my sleep. As mums we constantly worry about whether we have dressed our babies appropriately for the weather, and the smart bridge seamlessly integrates with an app on my phone and the smart pebble which removes all the guess work. So so happy with this product. The whole system is amazing

Best bags

The bags are soft and comfortable. Only wish would be an option for a baby that sleeps on tummy and the on back- changing through the night for extra layer!


Only sleeping products we will use! Wish we found you earlier.

Pari Tavakkoli


Ramya Sivanandam