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Sage SmartPebble

Sage SmartPebble

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Introducing SmartSnugg SmartPebbles – Your Baby's Sleep Guardian! 

Combine  - 1 x SmartPebble, 1 x SmartBridge, 1 x SmartSleeper, and our SmartSnugg App to create our SmartSnugg Monitor. 

(Free to download and use on iOS only.  ***NOT compatible with Android at this time)

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Our SmartPebbles are designed for one thing: your baby's comfort and safety.

Discreetly placed inside your SmartSnugg SmartSleeper, they monitor temperature, position, and movements, all accessible through the SmartSnugg App.

Built with busy parents in mind, our SmartPebbles are super practical. Offering a 9-month battery life, waterproof design, and machine-washable convenience.

SmartPebbles utilise ultra-low energy Bluetooth to transmit accurate data to the SmartSnugg SmartBridge, the device securely placed in your baby's room.

The SmartBridge not only monitors room temperature but also provides an adjustable nightlight to create the perfect sleep environment. 

Our SmartSnugg Monitor isn't just about data; it's about insights, recommendations, notifications, and alerts tailored to your child's unique needs and sleeping conditions. 

Experience the SmartSnugg advantage – where your baby's comfort, safety, and your peace of mind are our top priorities.

Welcome to a world where every night's sleep is a dream come true.

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SmartPebble Features

Cozy Comfort

Designed with your baby's comfort in mind, SmartPebbles are lightweight and gentle.

Waterproof & Easy Care

These pebbles are completely waterproof and machine washable for hassle-free maintenance.

Universal Compatibility

SmartPebbles seamlessly work with all SmartSnugg SmartSleepers, providing a comprehensive sleep monitoring solution.

Real-time Insights

Stay informed with real-time tracking of SmartSleeper temperature, sleep position, and movements, with instant alerts for added peace of mind.

Efficient Communication

SmartPebbles use Ultra-Low Bluetooth technology for efficient and reliable sleep data communication.

Long-lasting Power

With an impressive 9-month battery life and easy-to-replace batteries, SmartPebbles keep you connected for the long haul.